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Thu, Oct 1, 2020 6:00 PM


Would really appreciate someone who can help me! Not send me rules!

Our bill this month was ridiculous! We don't watch very much TV, but we enjoy and have been customers at Comcast for over 40 years. We would just like some help on what we should do because we don't feel very valued. Loooks like customers that have been around a long time should receive a deduct on their bill instead of going up year after year! We just can't afford the bill we are sent any more! Please help!




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@Midnightsalty20 Sorry about the rules, but it goes with the territory.

Your issue has been escalated to the Comcast Corporate Team available to the Forums.  A member of that team will reply to your post as quickly as they are able, so check back often.
In the meantime, please do not send a PM to an Official Employee unless requested because it is against the Forum Guidelines and the Acceptable Use Policy.  

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Hello @Midnightsalty20, thanks for reaching out to our Digital Care Team through our Forums page. To hear you have been a customer with us for over 40 years is phenomenal. We absolutely value your loyalty to Comcast and truly hate to hear you feel this way. I definitely understand the need to have a manageable bill, and I would love to assist you and see what options we have available, that will be better fitting for you and your family's needs. 


Can you please send me a Private Message including your first and last name as it appears on the account? 


To send me a Private Message, please click my name “ComcastAmira” and click “Send a message". 


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