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Fri, Jul 23, 2021 12:11 AM

Worst Provider Ever

  So, here I site like normal.  My WiFi keeps going in and out.  As normal, even though I pay this awful company $310.00 a month for Cable, Internet, and Home Monitoring, I am watching TV in SD channels, because most of my HD channels are pixelated, distorted, and not able to be watched.  My 3 boxes were replaced within the last 3 weeks.  So many technicians have come to the house.  They have replaced the main drop multiple times.  They have put amplifiers in, they have taken amplifiers out.  They have found a "kink" in the wire leading in to the Main Drop.  Now, they have "discovered the wire is different colors between the one from the drop and the one in my main box in the master closet.  And on, and on, and on.  The one thing that hasn't changed: I still can't watch half of my HD channels, my WiFi keeps going in and out, and no one at Comcast and Xfinity know how to fix it.  A lot of fun when you are working from home, can't get online, the Status Center says everything is fine.  When you call, you are told you can connect a CAT 5 cable and use it that way.  REALLY???????

  I am so frustrated at this point, I miss AOL and Dial-Up.  Getting ready to cancel every service with this company, but before I do, I have a question.  When I looked at the XFi report on my gateway, it says I have all kinds of devices connected, 1 of which is my PS4.  That device has been powered off and unplugged for months.  Should I select to forget those devices?


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