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Thu, Dec 17, 2020 7:00 PM

Worst customer service I have ever seen

I have been a customer since they were Viacom in the 80”s. Viacom/Comcast/Xfinity whatever you want to call them I have been loyal and patient with them over the years. Many people don’t have landlines anymore but I will continue to keep our numbers. I pay a ridiculous amount wash and every month for services I’m not receiving. Comcast have passed me from person to person for the past 2 weeks for what has Been promised could be fixed all Day for at least 8hr. I’m retired I can do better things with my time than to talk to 8 different Reps and has lead me here to vent. So we have had these lines for over 30 years that I’m talking about today. A Retention specialist set me up on a with a 2 year contract an sent me a new one phone line modem to replace older 2 line modem. Online had not been working for years so the resolution was to port my second home line over to xfinity mobile. Fine I’m older pay my bill every month for my package. Some fraud occurred with my personal bank account. That means I get a new card number. Now this doesn’t effect my autopay. I’m thinking everything is being paid including the mobile device. So months go by and then just now my grandkids tell me the phones not working and the home line hasn’t been working since around March or April. So I call in Retentions tells me Xfinity mobile is separate from Xfinity bundle. Retention transfers me to Xfinity mobile where a rep tells me the old card number I had before the fraud. Explain my issue she states just update payment you will be back up and running. Called after I got my son to update the payment with Xfinity mobile. Called back for activation of my line with my long time family # they say we can’t activate the line and will have a supervisor call back within 24 to 48 hrs. I received no response in that time frame. I called back today and spent 8 hrs in getting nowhere. Currently I have no working home phone and Xfintiy Mobile has advised me to request the number back for a landline. So After 39 years I have been here longer than current CEOs of this company. If you want to or if your thinking about getting or bringing business to Viacom/Comcast/Xfinity take note of the events that have occurred to me. I’m 79 years young this company used to have loyalty discounts and work with the members and has lost theirs way and they no longer value their Seniors or long term customers. So now I will have my kids help me find a new carrier and hope this post will help you all realize how to assist long term members moving forward. Have a blessed day and happy holidays.


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6 m ago

I am so sorry to hear about the issues you had, being with us for this long is incredible and we would love to see how we can assist with all of this. I'd be honored to help. Please send a private message by clicking on my handle (ComcastGina) and sending your name, address, and the account number, if you would like for us to work on this.



In the meantime, I hope you are having a lovely holiday season as well. 

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