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Mon, Sep 7, 2020 7:00 PM

work not being handled

My pedestal for my Xfinity Comcast service has been broken since the day we signed up and a temporary line running from my neighbors yard is being used.  This line has been cut once and had to be repaired, and is a hazard where it is.  I have called for the past 6 months to get this corrected and this process happens:  work order generated, no call to me from anyone, work order date passes with no work being done, work order canceled.  This has been going on forever and I continue to call, supposedly get escalated to some Escalation team, and nothing happens at all.  I am beyond frustrated since Comcast is not living up to their agreement to having this corrected, not to mention the fact that the communication to me is horrible showing little customer service.  Action needs to happen quickly.  Comcast is quick to take my payments but slow to handle their required work.


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