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Tue, Sep 22, 2020 9:00 PM

WiFi Pods

Why tell a customer the pods are free with their account (plan/package). If the customer has to call over and over, to hear we cant do that from here, you must click your email.

Yes I click that link, let it do all the verifing, checking, adding to account and then a blank page.

Call back explain to another support agent and hear the same thing, tell them the same issue, just to be blown off again, telling me to click a link that does not work.

Best part, all of them told me just to buy the pods so i have them on my account.


if this does not belong here then forward to someone who can help or just delete 


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8 m ago

same, did the 250 upgrade to 1k, LAN looks like a roller coaster. 3 different computers tested single or having all running. up & down it goes. few weeks now, yet to get any real steady speedtest number.


for me the biggest issue is the wifi, told i will get free pods, holding my breath with a big run around from agent to agent.

before that it was a few years of them just telling me to move the modem... sure come rewire my house. love the move your wifi equipment to different areas, sure let me redo 3 different tvs and rewire the thermostat.

how about up dating the scripts they read

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