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Thu, Aug 6, 2020 8:00 AM

Why can't I find Internet Essential basic package option?



With wait times in excess of 45 minutes over the phone...  I need online help asap.  I spoke with customer service last night (after an initial 50 minute wait/call back). 


And was then redirected to Billing and was on hold for 40 minutes before the call just dropped me.  (I am not calling back into customer service/billing.  The first waiting queue over the phone, I was told 18 minutes for a call back.  Turned out to be 50 minutes, and then another 40 minutes for billing)...


What I need, is to downgrade my service, as was discussed last night, to the Internet Essential Package 25Mbps down/3Mbps up.


Why can't I find and select this package online, with out having to be on the phone, on hold for hours?


And not even seeing this option when managing my account services, seems like shady business sales to me.


Also, why does my account say I've been paying for 200Mbps, but was told last night by Xfinity customer service, that I only have 100Mbps service (highest available for the service area), but was being charged over a year for 200Mbps at $93/mo...


This is just crazy.  I feel like I am being lied too and manipulated.


Please assist if you can...



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8 m ago

Is this where you are trying to apply?




I don't think you can sign up for this on a Comcast site because you can't apply for it if you've had Comcast within the last 90 days.  Check the website for all the requirements.


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