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Tue, Jan 5, 2021 9:00 PM

Why can I not seem to get a good rate

I can't seem to get a good rate I have 6 kids in home / online schooling on unemployment. I was quoted and my account was updated to tv and internet for $86.53  300MB and unlimited internet. not only was I quoted on 10/4, 10/6 &10/16, I also received the update to my account confirmation which I printed. Yet in November I received a bill for over 200.00 and when I called almost 200 is the best plan they could give me at that time. I called today and they told me the closest to 100.00 they could do is basic cable and basic internet for 98.00. I asked what does that me she told me 10 channels and 25 MB internet 1-3 devices only could connect. This is the best they could do. Really do they not understand I have 6 kids all online. why do I keep paying these crazy bills  Des anyone know of a better provider 


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5 m ago

I'm so sorry to hear about the trouble you've had so far with all of this. That promotion pricing is not anything that I've seen and I'd like to look further into this for you, I realize how frustrating this must be. Please click on my handle (ComcastGina) and send a private message with your name and the service address so we can review this and see what happened. 

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