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Mon, Jan 4, 2021 10:00 AM

Where's my refund?

I moved back to the UK in October 2020 and cancelled my Xfinity package.  I told the agent that nothing should be sent to the service address as we don't live there anymore - that's why we cancelled the service!!  I was told that I had to pay c. $350 then I'd receive a refund at the end of the billing cycle.  Well I'm still waiting.  A check was sent to the apartment (even after I'd said not to) and then I was told that I'd receive a direct bank transfer by 25/12.  Still nothing.  Where is my refund - you've had my money far longer than you should have had. I can't contact anyone as I'm in the UK and dont want to rack up international call charges.  Chat is impossible to connect to.  What can I do?  



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7 m ago

Hi @KellyKing! Thank you for posting your question, and welcome to the Xfinity Forum. We appreciate you for sharing your experience. I can understand why the delay is frustrating, and as a member of the Corporate Digital Care Team, I will help make this right!


Let's chat in a private message. I'll need to verify some account details before accessing the account. Once I do that, I can create and submit a refund request. My team and I can also keep in touch with you in the private message to ensure you receive it. Please send a private message including your first and last name and the numbers associated with your service address.


To send me a private message, click on "ComcastChe," and then click send a message. 

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