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Sun, May 22, 2022 4:22 AM

What's in a getting started kit for customers using their own equipments?

When signing up for my Xfinity internet plan, I chose the 'Customer Owned Equipment' but the order still included the 'Getting Started Kit Delivery.' What will be included in the kit for customers using their own equipment for the internet? I hope the kit does not include any modem/router since I would not use it and receiving those would only add me a bothersomeness of returnning it.

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Hi there, @user_040b05. Thank you for creating a post and using our forums to reach out. That is a great question. The getting started kit includes all documents necessary to activate your own device with our service. No worries, it will not include the gateway as you have already stated that you will be using your own device. You do not need to wait for the GSK. You will be able to activate your own device by using the Xfinity app from your smartphone. 

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