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Sun, Nov 29, 2020 9:00 AM

Very positive experience but also a negative

I must say I have posted my share of negative responses regarding Comcast's "business model" of the deletion of channels when under contract. That said, I had an issue with my modem and had to call customer sevice about 3 times (no fault of Comcast), each time after going through the automated voice prompts the longest I had to wait to speak to a live person was maybe 5 minutes, very positive. ALL the customer service reps that I spoke with were friendly, helpful, courteous and really tried to resolve my issue, even if we got disconnected they called me back. I was really impressed that maybe things are changing for the better.

The negative, my modem was faulty and I had to exchange it by going to a Comcast store about a 30 minute drive one way. When I got home with the "new/refurbished" modem the threads on the coax cable nub were almost totally stripped bare, no way to connect the cable, so I had to make another trip to the store for another modem (it works !!!). Seems like a a little compensation from Comcast would be nice for such a silly reason that took up half my day.



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