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Wed, Feb 3, 2021 11:00 AM


I recently moved to a new address. I have contacted xfinity to try and get the new address serviceable. A technician came out and told me I was too far away (more than 300ft) from a "planter." I called xfinity once again and they told me I was able to get service at my address. (I am the only house in the neighborhood that is unserviceable by comcast.) My neighbors on both sides of me (less than 100 ft away) are both serviced. A week or so later after creating a serviceability request, they told me I am too far once again.  This time saying I am more than 800 ft away from a planter.  (Which is not true, I am less than 800 ft away from a planter.) Xfinity says that I can pay $26,000 to get my address serviceable, which does not make sense, why is my house the only one that's unserviceable? 


Thanks for any information.


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