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Friday, April 8th, 2022 3:11 PM


Unhappy new customer

​I'm a new customer with Comcast.   I called to order services for a Houston home location where I would be moving to.   I specifically asked that the equipment be sent to me directly to my current address which is in Dallas.   I told them that location I'm renting is individually owned and Noone will be there to receive the equipment.   The associate named Alicia assured me that it be sent to me directly.   After hangup, I received confirmation that the equipment will be sent to the Houston address.  I called back and spoke to Amanda,  she made the change and assured me that it would be sent to me directly.   After I received the text with tracking number and it will be mailed to the Houston address again.   I called back for the time and spoke to a guy, didn't catch his name, he said it's out of his control and told me to talk to UPS.   I asked to speak to a supervisor and Noone call me back.  I call UPS, they told me they have not yet received the package and nothing they can do and told me to contact sender.  This business is poor conduct and give too much frustration to their customers.   Yesterday,  I received a text from UPS saying it was left in the front door of that appartment townhouse.   Noone at Comcast [Edited: "Language"] about their customer service.  I'm very disappointed in the way this was handled and I would like to Comcast to please resolve this problem.   I wasted so much time on this and still the outcome is poorly handled.   I spoke to Anisha today and it was out of her control as well.   So Comcast operates business with everything out of their control...[Edited: "Language"].​

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Hello @user_17b2f7 Thank you so much for taking the time to reach us via our Community Forums and relaying your experience. This is certainly not what  we'd want you to go through as a brand new customer or even a long time one. When we establish new services and are sending out equipment, it can only go to the service address when sent from us. However, sine we have a great relation ship with UPS, you can actually use UPS MyChoice to request delivery to a different address directly from the carrier. 


Since the equipment has already been delivered, we will need to work with you directly to get this all sorted out. 


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