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Thu, Jan 28, 2021 10:00 AM

Unable to speak with real person

Any recommendations as to how to speak with a real person? We have tried all avenues - through online portal and various xfinity phone numbers. We even tried to speak to someone by saying we were looking to set up new service. It simply directed us back to the online portal.

We have been living at current residence for 6 months and have had nothing but problems - frequent, extended internet disruptions. We were told a few weeks ago, after much time spent troubleshooting, that an issue had been detected in our area and that they were working to fix it so as to prevent continued disruptions in the future. We were told it had been resolved, and therefore canceled our appointment for a technician to come out and see if there was anything to be done on our end. Now, here we are once again with an extended service disruption. Nothing like being a first responder, juggling work and pre-medical school classes during a pandemic...and being unable to attend remote classes or access lectures for hours at a time.

So disappointed and frustrated with the service, and the less-than-mediocre customer service (not even sure you could even qualify as having “customer service” when you can’t even contact a live person, and are just repeatedly directed back to the self-service robot who just repeatedly tells you that there is a service disruption....thanks? As if we weren’t aware.

No thank you, xfinity. Do better.


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