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Wed, Sep 30, 2020 8:00 PM


Two hours ago i posted a very angry and insulting post. It was deleted. I'll try again calmer.

My apartment complex switched to a bulk rate service putting comcast in every unit 4 months ago. I was an existing customer. I was told to call so i would no long be charged the $72 directly. I have called roughly 10 times over the last 4 months. I have been told that i would be called back after this was fixed. Each time i either wasn't called back or was called while i was at work even though i said i couldn't recieve calls before 4pm each day. So i paid $40 additional dollars on my rent for my internet and paid $72 directly to comcast for 3 months. My account currently shows $150+ due atm and it is threatening to disconnect my service even though i paid double for 3 months then i just paid the $40 through my rent this month. 


I've been put thought 4 months of frustration, incompenence, overcharging and my time wasted trying to deal with this. Please someone at comcast help me. This is beyond rediculous. Please clear my balance due to $0, charge back the 3 months of charges i paid that i should not have had to and stop any further charges. I am paying my apartment management for my internet. This is an agreement your company has with the owners of my apartment complex. You are not living up to your agreement and are treating a long time customer of your company very badly.  

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1 y ago

Hi there, un_happy_cust. I am so sorry to hear about your experience, it sounds quite frustrating. I'd like to gain more awareness on the situation by pulling up your account on this end and reviewing it. From there I will be able to see what I can do to help. If you can please send me a PM with your first and last name, we will go from there. 


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