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Wed, Oct 28, 2020 9:00 AM

Trying to upgrade internet plan, but haven't received any confirmation?

In the past three weeks I've tried upgrading my internet speed at least 3 times in as many weeks, and have received order numbers but thus far I haven't received any confirmation that my order was recieved (accepted, rejected, or otherwise), either on my Xfinity account page or either email listed for my account.  I don't know if I'm being impatient and it will change after 11/1, or if my orders aren't going through. I use my own equipment now and I'm planning to upgrade my router/modem with a new model from an online seller to take advantage of the faster speed, but I'm only going to buy the new equipment once I know I'll need it.


Has anyone else had this experience, or can possibly assist? Thanks!



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7 m ago

Welcome to the Xfinity Forums, @JACKSLAGLE18! Thank you for posting your experience. I'm sorry you're having issues when trying to update your speeds online. I'd be happy to get this completed for you if you are still in need of assistance. Please send me a private message with your full name and service address as it appears on your billing statement. To send a message, click on my name "ComcastChe," then click send a message.


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