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Thu, Mar 31, 2022 9:27 PM

Trying for months to get internet at new construction home

I purchased a new construction house in late December and have been trying to have Xfinity services connected since January. There are 3 houses on the block, all of which are new construction. The other two houses closed within the last month. I have not been able to live in my home since I bought it because I have a remote job that requires internet access. Due to this I am staying with a relative an hour away and if I have appointments scheduled during the week I have to call out of work for them.

I apologize in advance for the length of the following timeline of my issue but I want to make it clear what I have been dealing with and what I have already tried in attempting to get this resolved, so it does not continue to go in circles.

1/11: I called customer service to ask if service was available at my address, mentioning the house was new construction, because I had encountered an error placing the order online. The representative assured me it was available, took my order and collected $50. My service install was scheduled for 1/18.

1/18: I was told by both the internet and home security technicians who came to my home that they could not connect anything, due to needing to file a ticket to the construction team. I was told that I would be contacted within 5 business days about next steps. I was not provided with a ticket number, but both technicians told me a ticket had been filed.

2/10 - 5 business days had long passed so I called to inquire about the status of the ticket. The agent told me the dashboard showed my house was connectable, and tried to schedule another service install appointment. I said I was not interested in more service install appointments until the construction ticket came to a resolution. I was told there was no update on the ticket.

2/15 - I received a notification by email about my upcoming service install appointment on 2/16. I called to ask about the status of my ticket and cancel the service install if the construction work had not been done. The first agent I spoke to told me rather insistently that my house had to be connectable because the dashboard said so and that I should keep the appointment if I wanted service. I called again and spoke to a different agent who said the construction work was still needed, cancelled the service install for 2/16 and told me an appointment for the construction team to come to my house was being arranged on 2/21.

2/20 - I received a reminder by email and a voicemail requesting that an adult be present at my home from 9-11 AM on 2/21 for my upcoming appointment.

2/21 - No one showed up at my house during the window. I made 7 different calls to Xfinity customer service trying to figure out what happened and whether any work was completed.  No one was ever able to answer for me where the disconnect occurred that resulted in this phantom appointment, but the final resolution of this set of calls was I was told the construction work would be completed during the week and things should be in place if I booked a service install appointment on 2/26. I scheduled this service install appointment. I was given ticket number T053813786.

2/26 - The service install technician who came to my house told me that Xfinity was unable to connect anything because construction work on my property was needed and had not been completed. He said he could not speak to what happened with my earlier tickets and that starting from now I would receive a new ticket and it would take several months for my house to be connected to the internet. I received a text confirming my service availability request and a new ticket number HS2675010, with a statement that these requests typically take up to 10 business days.

3/3 - I received a text that Xfinity "hasn't forgotten about me" and "is still working on my request".

3/19 - 10 business days had long passed so I called to ask if there were any changes. I was told yet again the dashboard said my house could be connected. I said I had heard this multiple times before and would defer to the status of ticket HS2675010. I was told there were no updates and it typically takes 45 days to process these tickets. 

3/28 - I met my recently moved in neighbor, whose house closed in March. To my surprise he told me the construction team already completed work at his residence and his internet has been connected.

3/29 - I called customer service to ask for status on HS2675010 and any potentiality of having the necessary construction work completed at my residence so I can have my internet connected and was told there have been no updates.

My opinion of Xfinity was neutral before this experience but at this point if I had any other option for the cable internet that I need for work I would never deal with this company again.

Xfinity still has a deposit they collected from me in early January and never refunded, has stood me up for appointments, cannot provide a straight answer on self-imposed timelines as to the status of my service, and simply never follows up on any of my requests and eventually loses or deletes all record that I even asked.

Obviously the customer service department on the phone cannot help me with this, so I am hoping for some assistance on how to get the correct appointment/work scheduled and actually followed through on, or at least a definitive answer on when my service install can progress that won't change wildly or be completely reset with the next person I speak to.

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Hace 2 m

@egeissler I definitely understand your frustration with the whole situation. I am glad that you reached out and brought this to my attention. I want to make sure that we provide you with a definitive answer if your address is serviceable and when it can be installed. I would like to start with reviewing the ticket and your address.

Could you please send our team a private message with your full name and full address?


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Hace 13 d

The same thing is happening to me.  What was the resolution or did this ever get installed?


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Hello, @user_71bbc7. I'd like to thank you for your interest in our services. I would love the opportunity to figure out more information regarding your address.


In order to get started, can you please send me a private message to Xfinity Support with your full name and full address by clicking the chat icon in the top right?

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