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Wed, Oct 7, 2020 6:00 PM

tree trimming

i m aware of previous posts regarding tree trimming and removal. I have 2 more specific questions regarding lines in trees and potential problems.

The first being a dead tree on my property entwined with what i believe are 3 comcast trunk lines on a comcast right of way that I'd like to remove. The second being i a tree I'll be cutting down with a power and comcast service cable in. The power company will be coming to lower and deenergize their cable when i remove it. What is comcast's protocol for such a thing?

I talked to a comcast representative who said comcast will not move anything and their policy is only to show up and replace and repair when it is damaged. Is this true?


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Hello, @TC2020



I want to pull up your account and look into this for you. Can you please private message me your full name? Thank you for posting to our forums. 
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