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Mon, Aug 24, 2020 8:00 PM


Three Pedestal Boxes: Unfinished Business/Incomplete Service

Since the week of 7/13/20, Comcast technicians or subcontractors serviced homes within the vincity of my home. They worked on three above ground pedestal boxes. Since then (approximately 6 weeks ago) the pedestal boxes are not secure, left open and exposed with above ground wire connecting the three boxes that span a total of 18 townhomes (three rows of townhomes comprising 6 homes each). 


This unfinished business and incomplete service has been left in disarry for far too long.


We need a site crew to come out, assess this situaton and authorize the necessary work orders to have Miss Utility prep the area to have all connects placed below ground and Comcast-Xfinity secure the pedestals. This eyesore needs to be adressed and fixed once and for all.


I welcome a representative's response to provide detailed information on the specific location of the issue referenced above via direct message.


In search of a resoution,




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