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Wed, Dec 16, 2020 5:00 PM

There is an orange cable in my yard

Since August, the pedestal in my yard has had an orange cable running to my neighbor’s house (who has their own in their yard). This pedestal has 2 hookups; one for my house and one for my other neighbor. I ordered Xfinity self-install kits but was told my lines were not active so a technician came out today. He had to put a splitter at the pedestal and share my port with my house and my neighbors (since they were already plugged into it instead of their own pedestal in their yard) and I was told it will throttle my service 50/50. As a new customer, this is unacceptable! When will their “temporary” hookup be made permanent and stop tapping into my pedestal and slowing down my service? It’s bad enough that I have already been billed for a week of services that I was not even able to access due to a previous technician hooking into the wrong box. The technician today told me that’s not how they normally do things...


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6 m ago

Hello LilBeachyBum. We appreciate you visiting and posting on the Xfinity Forums. I can assist with alerting our Drop bury team to come out and review the pedestal connections and bury the orange cable in your yard. Please reach out to me via private message and include your full name and service address so I can assist you. 

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