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Fri, Nov 6, 2020 1:00 PM

Ten agents later.. the end is so close.. right?! Please just transfer my balance.

Long saga short:

A loong series of mishaps (none of which were by me).

Finally agent told me to make a new account & transfer a 25$ payment.

Phone agents redirected me to chat, chat redirected me to phone.

Told me to wait until my payments finish processing. Okay I waited.

Then chat became unavailable. Okay I waited some more.

Now assistant refuses to connect me to any agent at all, because they can't help with "outage issues" in my area.

What outage? I'm not affected, I know nothing about it, my concerns have nothing to do with it...


I can see the end now.. My expectations have sunk low, I just want the 25$ credit. I don't even care why I'm being charged a little higher than the contract, or have two accounts for the same address..  I come to this forum exhausted from phone calls, in-person trips, chats, and don't know where else to go... move this thread, give me an email, anything, idk. Please, anyone, just help me out with this last step and end this month-long nightmare.




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6 m ago

Yikes, got ignored here too. Oh well.
Met a nice agent who seems to be able to fix my issue.

All I have to do is wait another week.

Okay. I wait.

Is #12 the Chosen One?!

I hope so.


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6 m ago

Hi @Nihilism

We apologize for the delay. Your patience is greatly appreciated. Our team has been really busy in recent weeks, and we are working as fast and efficiently as possible to assist each customer in the order in which the messages come in. I'm sorry for the experience you've had while trying to get this taken care of. I'm happy you were able to speak with an agent who was able to help. If you still need assistance after a week, feel free to send me a private message, and I'd be happy to step in to see what I can do to help. To send a private message, click on my name, "ComcastChe," and then click send a message. Please include your first and last name and address. 



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