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Wed, Apr 1, 2020 12:00 PM

Technician Negligence/Incompetence

An Xfinity technician was on a neighboring service call on Monday night and decided to cut my coax internet cable running to my house, without checking with the homeowner or the service plan. Just blatantly clipped the coax and threw away the connector, interrupting internet service for two days. I Lost contact with my 85 yr old mom in NJ, my wife is a teacher and lost access to her online class and administrative meetings, and my three teenage children lost all access for two days during a national crisis while stuck in home during a pandemic lockdown. Then, the next technician came out and instead of addressing the problem, sat in his van for exactly one hour and departed without addressing the issue. Of course, Comcast customer service agents were unable/ unwilling to accept responsibility for the negligent service interruption, and at first even tried to sell me a service upgrade. From a marketing perspective, it almost sounds like a conspiracy: comcast cuts your internet service for no reason, and then tries to sell you a service upgrade when you try to schedule a service call to fix their own mistake. Really? Is this really what customer service from one of the largest American corporations comes down to? With all the profit Comcast is making, they can not afford to be generous in admitting mistakes?? So disappointing. I will give credit to service agent Andy from Minnesota who handled the situation with professional courtesy.


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