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Mon, Feb 22, 2021 2:00 PM

Support ticket / email? XF Mobile

I have been having a problem with my Xfinity Mobile service.   This problem began after I received a firmware update close to two months ago.  If I lose LTE connection for any reason, the phone will not reconnect to the LTE cell network at the service level.  It will instead switch to emergency mode, and it will remain that way until I restart the phone or cycle airplane mode.  This state occurs several times per day, and can be recreated on demand.


I have gathered enough information to fully illustrate the problem, but the only help advertised is a help desk agent who is prepared only to handle simple common problems.  I have used some utilities to create some detailed SIM service state reports.  I need to be able to send them to somebody who can see them, analyze them, and tell me what I need to do next to get more information.  I can't do that with a live help agent.


The following has already been done:


-Reset Network Settings

-Factory Reset

-Reprovisioning of Account

-Replaced SIM card with a new one

-Exhausted the capabilities of tier 2 support agents


I am in need of technical support where I can diagnose this issue over email or support ticket.  I am NOT in need of a help desk script reader.  


The phone is a Samsung A50.


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