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Sat, Sep 19, 2020 11:00 PM

Superb customer service at the Visalia retail location

Without knowing it, I had a conflict with my Xfinity email.


I started with Kandis, and because I messed up, the Manager Takashi had to jump in, and the problem was resolved.


However, as a retired 30-year HRM with 2 International corporations, my goal has been to ensure both good (usually the one I comment on) unacceptable services are noted.


Am I sure this will get to a specific employee(s), letting them know they recognized their service was impeccable?


Why do corporations make it difficult to get recognition comments to the company, and the company often ignores them. 


How do I know? I go back and find the employee(s) and ask them if they got any good reviews.


If no, I inform them of my comments, then go for a manager and inform them of my displeasure that they do not care about their employee. 


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