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Wed, Sep 23, 2020 2:00 PM

Still 3 tickets, 3 supervisors and 12 techs/reps and Comcast/Xfinity still hasn't installed cable

it is now 9/23/2020 and working with Xfinity/Comcast has been an utter nightmare. I've expereinced horrible customer service from several companies but Xfinity takes the cake.  I seriously don't understand how many people have been involved and Comcast still can't address my 'drop bury' and install a line.  The worst part of this is the lack of communciation, steps, process and updates throughout this ordeal.  Has anybody noticed how many 'drop bury' help requests are on this forum yet comcast does absolutely nothing to address this issue.  You would think that if a specific problem comes up repeatedly, a competent company would address this issue right away.  There are now a combination of 9 work orders, job numbers and tickets associated with my installation and almost 3 weeks and still nothing from xfinity.  Comcast......are you listening???!!!!!!


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