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Fri, Oct 9, 2020 7:00 AM

So frustrated with Comcast i am ready to switch

Called on 9/28 to change my service effective 10/1 and get instructions on my equipment return via UPS and what my new bill will be, that was fine.  I then called on 9/30 to have that service change date changed to 10/5 and to report an issue with daily internet outages when there are no reported outages.  I was told i would get a call back about the technical visit because they couldnt access the scheduling system.  Thats fine.  Never got that call back.  Still have internet outages almost daily.  Oh and they changed my service on 10/1 instead of 10/5.  Awesome!  Then called again on 10/4 to report another internet outage.  they said no technician was needed because they were going to do another reset and add me to their "case list", fine, whatever.  the internet ultimately did come back that day.  Went to check my bill today because after all of the changes i was told my billing cycle started on 10/6 so i figured i should see the new lower bill, right?  WRONG.  spent an hour with a chat going over what my bill should be and cancelling my DVR service (AGAIN).  finally got the bill squared away on what it should be for this month and all of the months going forward.  Then my kid calls me from home and his distance learning at school to tell me the internet is down again.  Check the app, no outages reported.  Back to square one.  reset the router a couple times and they finally are back online...good thing i am on that "case list".    I have been a comcast customer since 2011 but i am ready to pull the plug and switch to verizon.



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