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Sat, Aug 22, 2020 5:00 PM

Severe Maintenance issue

I've been having internet service issues for nearly a year now, I've had countless technicians and hours on the line getting the usual runaround. I finally get a tech that came out on the 21st, and he identified that my service tap at the pole was faulty, and extremely old, and not even a model they've used in years, with an old outdated architecture. He told me that he scheduled a maintenance call for someone to come replace the offending tap, and I was estatic, finally after all this time I would have stable internet and be free of this stress. I get a text message today from xfinity, that the service had been completed, but nobody ever actually showed up to the site (my back yard) to fix the problem, but they submitted that it was done in full. I was home all day working in my back office literally facing the pole that contains the offending service tap, and I assure you I'd have noticed a man on a ladder, not to mention that it's a gated yard, though unlocked, they always knock or ring the bell first before entering, which they did not. I went out and looked anyway and it was the same old service tap that's been there all this time. They marked the maintenence complete without ever even showing up to the service, and my problems persist. I've called customer service and once again got the usual runaround, and the lady acted as if I was just blowing smoke and she didn't believe me at all. I'm hoping something can be done about this, I just want the service promised to be done, and I would like to have this issue of almost 2 years now resolved, I pay full price for half a product at this point, and I just can't imagine a company allowing this. But here we are....


Can anyone here help maybe?


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