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Sat, May 8, 2021 11:19 PM

Severe Help Needed: Desperate issue!

So I barely know where to even begin with this. Back around last November, I noticed my bills and internet speed from Xfinity were very high and I was barely getting 1-2mb/upload. I ended up paying my last bill, having Xfinity disconnected from my building, and switching to RCN. Everything was pretty good until a few months later I checked my Xfinity account.... and I had around a $150 bill, with even more charges upcoming. During the time I even spoke with agents and tried to have my account fixed, Xfinity allowed another charge of about $100 to hit my account. All while I'm not even physically connected to the service, and had paid my last bill. 

I also had multiple support agents tell me they had fixed the balance issue and that I didn't need to pay it, since I had literally not accessed any internet since I paid my final bill and switched services, with screenshots, etc, only to have it remain. I have screenshots/chatlogs of this. 

So now it says I'm disconnected for an unpaid balance, but I was planning on switching back to Xfinity after my lease ended and I moved (which is next month). 

Is there anything that can be done about this? I need to have Xfinity in my new apartment. 


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Hello, @user_ca775d. It's important that we get your bill straightened out and reflecting the correct balance for you based on your requested disconnect date. Let's further review what needs to be done. Please send us a chat message with your first and last name. The Peer to Peer chat icon is located at the top right of the Community Forum page, clicking on the chat icon will allow you to initiate a chat conversation with us directly. Please ensure you are sending your message to our 'Xfinity Support' handle. 

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