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Wed, Dec 30, 2020 7:00 AM

service & equipment Fees

HOW do you justify the increase  for the BOX fees? from $5 to $7.50

i am faimilair with the streaming app but not everyone has a compatible smart tv model or a hubDevice (firestick, roku) so why the increase in Equipment/Box fees?


Has the delivery of content to the box changed?

can the box perform additional functions/enhancements (code release) on my existing box?

Am i  going to get a new box? 

What is the cost of maintaining the box, itemize it please? 

WHY is the increase?  


Equipment & services $15.00
TV Box $15.00
Qty 2 @ $7.50 each


Service fees $30.65
Broadcast TV Fee $16.20
Regional Sports Fee $14.45



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5 m ago

Thank you for posting your questions, and welcome to the Xfinity Forum, @aadame55! Those are all excellent questions. I understand how important it is to maintain an affordable bill and want to help as best as I can. We are committed to delivering the best in class products and services and continuously invest in technology and innovation. Our pricing is reflective of that. We make every effort to extend fair and reasonable pricing

based on the value and reliability of our services. There are many factors that impact pricing – your TV package, Internet speed, equipment, and additional features. With that in mind, I would be happy to look at your account and see if any promotional offers are available to you at this time, see if we can upgrade your equipment, or we can revisit your services and ensure you are in the correct package based on your needs. 


As for the Broadcast Fees, the costs to Comcast associated with carriage of broadcast stations – including the amounts that Comcast pays to broadcast stations to be able to deliver their programming to you continue to increase. The Broadcast TV fee is based on the increasing costs of providing this programming. Why is the Regional Sports Network Fee increasing again this year? This fee is based on what Comcast pays to regional sports networks to deliver their programming to you. When those stations increase their prices, our fees increase to cover those costs. 


If you'd like to review your options of lowering your rate, please send a private message with your first and last name and the numbers associated with your service address. To send me a private message, click on "ComcastChe," and then click send a message. 

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