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Mon, Oct 19, 2020 6:00 AM

Scam call

I have been very lucky in these times with Covid19.  Comcast has been more than helpful. First it was with a new and updated box for my TV.  Then it was a auxilliary box for my upstairs connection.  Comcast came out both times. I was in touch with Comcast many times and got help on the phone as well.  Multiple phone numbers back and forth.  All was well and working.  Awesome service.  BUT THEN IT HAPPENED and it caught me off guard. A PHONE CALL FROM COMCAST because I was one of the many customers who had a "security"problem.  I let them in with Team Viewer but something didn't seem right as in  offering me $400 rebate and asking me if I paid my bills online.  I QUICKLY HUNG UP and then removed Team Viewer in time.  I called my friends who are computer security techs and I am OK.  But I believe Comcast should send out notifications with the problem we are facing.  I wonder if it is an inside job or I do feel THEY NEED TO DO A BETTER JOB AT NOTIFYING CUSTOMERS OF THE POTENTIAL PROBLEM.  I did Google it after the fact and there are many great articles even with a list of phone numbers used warning us.  COMCAST MAKE THE INFORMATION FRONT AND CENTER.  I WAS LUCKY.


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