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Fri, Jun 18, 2021 7:31 PM

Same day service

I move in my apartment Monday 7/21st and I wanted to know can I get WiFi installed the same day 


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Hello @user_4e992b and congratulations on the move! I hope everything goes smoothly for you, I remember my last move was fairly smooth right up until we found out our furniture was being delayed a week, haha. Had to run out and buy some sleeping bags from the store. =] 


We're happy to help out here on the Xfinity Support Forums. A few things to note:


  • If the apartment has previously had Xfinity services in the last 3-6 months, you can attempt a self-installation for most services (some exclusions apply) wherein a kit can be mailed to you or picked up at one of our Xfinity stores.
  • If the property has not had Xfinity services for over 6+ months, you may attempt a self-installation, though if you are unsuccessful, and a technician needs to come out, a fee may apply (fee varies for each line of business and is up to $100.00 in most areas).
  • If the property has not had active Xfinity services for over 12+ months, or there has been another provider active at the location, we highly recommend a professional installation as the wiring inside and outside the premise may not be configured for Xfinity services.


We can set up installations up to 30-days in advance, we offer installations 7-days a week, from early morning to early evening, with 2-hour arrival windows, along with a Tech ETA feature built right into the 'My Account' app for you. Installation time can vary based on the size of the job, as well as how many pieces of equipment are being installed, though most installations are wrapped up within a few hours.


My roomie and I recently had our services moved and installed in our townhome for TV, Home Phone, and Internet in November. Our home was pre-wired thankfully with up-to-spec coaxial cabling, so our job was wrapped up within 2-hours, even though a previous provider has been active at the property.


We have a handy little checklist here you can check out as well: Prepare for Your Installation


If you'd like one of our knowledgeable Xfinity Forums employees to assist, you can send us a peer-to-peer chat and we can get started there.


To send a peer-to-peer chat:

  • Ensure you are first signed in, then you will see an icon at the top right of your page. Click that or follow this link: https://comca.st/3zG5KFf
  • From there, click the 'New Message' icon. In the 'To' field, type 'Xfinity Support'.
  • Type your message in the text area that appears at the bottom of the window and hit enter to send. An official employee, such as myself or whoever is first available, will respond.

We ask that you please include your name, the account holder name (if different), and the service address you're moving from and the service address you're moving to alongside your inquiry so we can best assist. 





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Concern moved here for greater exposure to actual Comcast employees. 

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