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Tue, Jan 5, 2021 8:00 AM

Routine service

I got a text last night, 1/4, stating you'd be doing routine service work ... the date you listed was 12/22??? The text said you'd begin at 530 this morning and complete your work at 7. Well, you did start at 530, but I've still got no internet at 11. Are you going to reimburse me for lost work? There was no mention of work on 1/5.


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5 m ago

Hello, @Denise1313. Welcome to the Xfinity Forums!

I'm sorry to hear your services were interrupted and you weren't given accurate information about it. With how important it has become to have a consistent connection these days, I understand how inconvenient that must have been for you. I see it has been a few days since you posted this comment and I wanted to check in quickly to see if you were able to get service back and your account credited, or if you were still in need of some help?

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