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Wed, Aug 26, 2020 5:00 AM


Requesting a Site Survey for installation of Xfinity

The homes on either side of us have Xfinity installed and I am trying to get someone to come out and do a site survey to get Xfinity installed at our house. Because of our odd-shaped lot, our home address is very misleading as to where the house is located, and when our address is looked up it appears that we are far away from the service when we are actually very close. Our utility pole is right in between both houses that currently have Xfinity service. I keep being told it will be too expensive to install. I am willing to pay to get service at our home. How can I get someone to come out and do a survey for installation? I'd be very grateful. Here is a map that shows the locations of our house, the two houses that have service and our Utility pole:

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