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Wed, Jan 13, 2021 4:00 PM

Re: Burying a cable line

Hello, My experience with getting my underground cable line bury has been nothing less than a headache. I reached out to Xfinity on 12/20/20 to have services established at my new residence. I was told we needed to go through the underground cable line burial process which should take no more than 14 days. Today is 1/13/21 and it's still NOT done. The yard was marked on 12/23/20. Receive a message that the burial was delayed on 12/28/20. They showed up on 1/2/21 along with a tech to connect the boxes. They told us all that they couldn't do the burial that day and they would return on 1/4/21. They did not return. I received a voice message from someone on 1/5/21 saying they would return to complete the job before 1/9/21. Once again, no call no show. We received a call from someone at Xfinity claiming to be the coordinator on 1/11/21 saying it would be done 1/12/21 and he would personally give us a call upon completion. This didn't happen either. I called Xfinity to verify whether or not the work was done and was told it was delayed AGAIN and will be done 1/13/21 (today). Once again it was not. Was supposed to receive a supervisor call back and didn't get one. At this point, I have lost total confidence in this process. My husband and I both work from home and are unable to do so at our brand new home because of this issue. Cannot set up home security without internet. I we have been lied to and given the runaround for far too long. Is this what new Xfinity customers have to look forward to?


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