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Wed, Oct 20, 2021 12:07 AM


Possible Suspicious Call/Text from Xfinity worker

Hello. I am not sure if it is the right place to post this, so please feel free to move this thread where you see fit.

Today, earlier I had received a text by a guy (and he gave me his first name) who claims to work for Xfinity who picks up the equipment and he's driving in my area, and he would arrive at later to pick it up from me if I am at home for him to do so.

At first, I said "yes, sure" he can come pick it up. He wanted to confirm if I still lived at my current street, and I did. And he said he will be by at his designated time.

And then a few hours later, I receive a call this time, but it's from a different number and a different guy saying the same thing as the first guy... and well... I started to get a strange feeling.

So, I messaged this second guy through text though as I did the first guy, saying that someone already said they were coming to pick it up. I didn't mention the the first guy's name though. And he had not replied to my text.

Then I started to feel worry because something came to my mind. For one, I had spoke with representatives some days ago about returning my equipment, and they only gave me two options.

Return the equipment to either 1) a Comcast store or 2) a UPS store. Never had they mention about anyone picking up the equipment for me.

Next, I just look on the web to find if Xfinity does send people to pick up equipment. But the results keep telling me of which I was told. Drop the equipment at a Comcast store or a UPS store.

I also did see that it is possible to request UPS to come pick up the equipment or something along those lines, but I have not requested anyone from UPS or Xfinity for that manner to come pick up the equipment. And my search results does not tell me if that is what they do or do not.

So then I call Xfinity, speaking with a rep. She confirmed the same thing the other representatives told me and what I found in my web search. But she doesn't seem at all concerned at the possibility that someone or two people are claiming to be with Xfinity can be frauds... Not even I'll report this to the managers or something or suggesting what I can do.

In either case, I would just like to very much know do Xfinity send someone to pick up equipment? Yes or no?

Another reason why I am concerned is because I am not sure how these guys had gotten my current number. I can't recall if I had used this number with my account, and I can't access my account settings since Xfinity disabled it since again they disconnected my services.

I am only allowed to view my bill. When I signed in, it recognized my other number, but not the one I mainly use. So, I just wanted to be sure if I am safe or not.

Thank you,

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Hello @llysh, this is absolutely the correct place to post this, and thank you for bringing this to our attention. Unfortunately, there is a higher number of scams and phishing attempts than usual, especially in this more modern age--I couldn't begin to tell you how many Car Warranty or Health Insurance texts and calls I receive on a daily basis. I think the funniest one was someone claiming to be Xfinity, calling to offer my a deal.


That said, this is not a practice we employ--if we have a scheduled equipment pick-up with our company, it is through an Xfinity technician with a scheduled date and timeframe. We mainly offer this service to our customers with accessibility needs, folks who cannot schedule a pick-up through UPS or make it to a store drop-off location.


Any texts would come from our automated number, which is a 266-278 number. This type of concern would be reported to our Customer Security Assurance team, namely the fraud department, who would investigate and handle this. I've listed their number and hours below:


  • Business Hours: 6:00am - 2:00am EST, 7 days a week
  • Contact: 1-888-565-4329

We also have an active alerts board available here: https://comca.st/3jigjrg




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@XfinityBrie Thank you very much Brie for your prompt and satisfying response! I agree with everything you said about scams and phishing being on the rise in this day and age. And I'm sorry to hear with all the scams you had to put up with. And I truly appreciate your assistance! I will reach out the team you mentioned tomorrow. Thanks so much again!

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@llysh You're welcome! We want to thank you for reaching out on our Forums for support with this security concern. Never hesitate to create another public post for any of your future account and service needs!

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@XfinityNico Thank you Nico, I will! :) 

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