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Fri, Aug 14, 2020 8:00 PM

Poor Customer service, disgruntled customer

I've been trying to order an x1 modem for over a week. Last Friday the 7th I received the following text "You're on your way to receiving new equipment. Tap here to get started:"
I was told I would receive modem on Tues Aug 11th. I did not receive modem. I chatted with an agent on Tues. This agent told me it was never pushed through. The agent assured me they would push it through. Before I could finish the chat, I was dropped. I can't believe it. I have connection issues while using Xfinity. I waited thinking the agent would push it through. On the 13th I still had not received any info about the modem, so I chatted with another agent. This agent told me I had never ordered a modem. Before I could finish my chat, I was dropped again. Finally tonight the 14th, I was able to finish my chat with an agent. This agent also told me I never ordered a modem, but I think I have one on the way finally. The agent told me they would wave the $15 shipping fee since I was so patient. I havdo not believe I've ever had to pay a shipping fee for a self install kit. Stellar customer service Xfinity (sarcasm). I have been a customer at this residence for more than 20 years, but I believe it's time to explore other options.


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