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Thu, Oct 29, 2020 8:00 AM


Poor customer service at your Pottstown PA store location.

Really amazing lack of customer service.

So made an appointment for this morning, time frame of 10-10:15.

Finally get called to the counter at about 10:45.

So basically a 45 minute wait for a 1 minute transaction - just returning a cable box.

I suggested they might want to do away with their appointment system since it doesn't make a difference. "well we didn't expect to be so busy."

Just what do you think an appointment system is designed to do? Total fail.

No apology, just a thank you for your patience. Seriously!

Oh least I forget, at 11:04 they send me an Email that my appointment has been cancelled. smh


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1 y ago

Hey blachorn. We're sorry about that. We appreciate your feedback about your experience at our store. We will strive to make improvements to your experience. We appreciate you taking your time to write on our Forum, and we thank you for choosing Comcast.  

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