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Thu, Sep 24, 2020 5:00 AM

Plant extension help needed

I have been trying to get a status on a plant extension request that was submitted 2 weeks ago by a local comcast office. I have tried calling comcast directly and that lead to a "someone from that team will contact you in 24 to 72 hours" which unfortunately I have not heard anything... supposedly the ticket number is 051643804. However they did send a tech out to my house the next day to hook up my internet .... which I told them I did not need as this house has never had cable ran. I was able to contact the local comcast office that originally sent out the contractors and sent the email request ... however they had not heard anything back on their email request either. 


The run to my house from the pole is roughly 460' ... my existing neighbor which is over 300' from the pole has xifinity. AND the newly built neighbor house just had xfinitity ran from another pole under a road to thie house (which is closer to the pole). 


We really would like to have cable internet as I am disabled and work from home. We are willing to pay to have the plant extension ran it has just been a maze of trying to figure out how to give comcast our money to do it .... Tried 2 years ago once we bought this house which on the comcast map search showed was eligible for xifinty (was a factor in buying).


@ComcastMichael I saw you reply on a very similar post so hoping you are will to help me as well.



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