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Mon, Nov 2, 2020 3:00 PM

Physical Cable Feeding for my Home was placed in the road - no progress 2-months. Who can I call?

So about 2-months ago it was determined that the feed to my house (an other homes too) was bad. Xfinity came out with the bucket truck and ran a cable about 300' in the road. This was sep and now it's Nov and before me know it the snow plow will be grabbing it! The Feed Boxes are all uncovered and it's like they abandom the repair! And of course if you try and ask for the status they want to send you through the paces with reseting your mondem ETC. My quesiton is who would I call?  



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8 m ago

It’s been escalated to an Official Employee. What you have is a job for a maintenance tech not a residential. Also, they have to wait on permits/contractors to bury it and whatever else is needed. It’s not the same as burying a residential drop

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8 m ago

Hello @driland, thanks for reaching out to us on Forums! We appreciate you being a customer with us and we absolutely want to get this line buried and boxes covered for you as soon as possible. I am sorry to hear the job has not been completed, but we can definitely further look into this and move forward with submitting a request to get someone out.

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