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Thu, Sep 24, 2020 4:00 PM

Payment Confirmation eMail contains inaccurate information

I received a payment confirmation email today (I've never received one in the past and I have changed nothing on my account or how the payment is made).  It contains the right last 4 digits of my Xfinity account and the correct payment amount and date.... however it states that the payment was made by a mastercard and the last 4 digits to the card number are not any mastercard accounts I have.  My bill is paid via my online banking bill payment account which directly debits my checking account via an ACH (Electronic) payment.  I have now chatted via the AI chatbot which I had to say chat with a live agent...chatted with a live agent which told me to call the 1800 number...called the 1800 number and was told to call 877-842-2112 which is now closed.  This will be another futile attempt to try to figure out why we received this email and furthermore with incorrect information.  


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7 m ago

I've been fighting this for over a year along with others (see ) and have gotten nowhere. If you are able to get it corrected, please post how you did it.

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