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Fri, Nov 20, 2020 12:00 PM

Payment Arrangement Why can’t I have one it’s my first time asking for help

I have been with Xfinity since July and have Mobile with them, I asked for a arrangement for my past due they said I had 3 days to pay 400.00 or 10 days to pay full bill. My only options no payment arrangement. Why not especially now with the Covid being so bad everyone should get some type of help for the first time of asking. I need a arrangement due to loss of money. I have asked through Chat and directly and asked to lower my bill I was told I couldn't because it would be higher if it's not bundled when I wanted to lower my bill it's too high it was almost 200.00 went down to 160.00 because I dropped HBO and Showtime. I just want a little help to get on my feet and not be disconnected. I was told they have no payment arrangements right now they stopped that. I'm confused Why? Now I will be disconnected if I don't have the money 400.00  tomorrow past due or all in a few days. I hope someone could help! 


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7 m ago

Hello Confusedo1. Welcome to the Xfinity Forums and thank you for posting. I can assist with reviewing your account's billing to see what type help we can offer you. Please send me a private message and include your full name and service address so I can access your account. To send me a private message: click my username (ComcastJoeTru) to view my profile, then click the link that says "Send a message" and there you can compose a private message. 

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