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Wed, Dec 16, 2020 9:00 AM

Outrageous practices during Covid...

So let me get this straight... you have decided to gouge your customers who are working remotely for another $30 a month during covid... for service slower than other services? As an IT professional, I am relying on service you agreed to... but now that people are ACUTALLY using that much, you feel you need more money. That is NOT our problem. Give us the service you promiced. Buisnesses are failing... and you decide you need to charge more. That is not only in poor form, it is a complete outrage. This smells of stuff the phone companies used to do when they thought they were an untouchable monopoly. The writing is on the wall... sooner or later you WILL have competition and when you do, I don't care if you lower your service to $10 a month, I will not be interested.



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6 m ago

Hi @BrashFink. We appreciate your feedback. I can understand why you feel this way.  While we continue to experience increased programming and operating costs, we worked hard to minimize the impact of price increases by enhancing the value of our programming, as well as by investing in our next-generation technology. This includes advances such as faster Internet speeds, more multi-platform content (XFINITY On Demand,, etc.), our collection of XFINITY mobile apps, and XFINITY on the X1 Entertainment Operating System. 


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6 m ago

@ComcastChe I barely watch TV now that we begrudgingly "upgraded" to the X1 box because the text was too small on our SDtv we were still using at the time. Even after switching to a much larger HDtv that I had for a few years I find myself frustrated with the interface for the On Demand.


The one on the legacy box we had grouped channels by category alphabetically while with this one you have to search for the shows. I just find the whole thing counterintuitive.


None of this is even mentioning paying for channels I never watch (i.e. sports) and paying an added fee monthly so those who do can continue to. We all know the company CAN block channels we're not supposed to receive, so why can't they block out all the sports ones and make it so ONLY those who watch it pay for it?

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