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Mon, Oct 19, 2020 10:00 AM


Outages are never detected at my address

I've called the support number about this at least 4 times over the past two years, usually getting me very frustrated because my issue is nothing on their script. I finally go to a supervisor the last time, but it is so frustrating trying to get the techs to listen to me without going in to their scripts I would like to try here first to cut through it.


Case number: CR923106549


Whenever there is an outage in my area, my house is always listed as not having an outage. At least 3 times over the past year there have been bad storms or tornados that took out internet for the entire city our county, including my house, but Comcast's systems still say I didn't have an outage.


The outage map will show thousands of customers with outages around me (most recent one lasted a day), yet my house still says no outage according to Comcast. My neighbors all get text messages, notifications, and bill credits when they have an outage, but not for me. Most recently this occured while I was teaching a class on Zoom - the entire southern part of my city went out, yet my house did not register with Comcast as having an outage.


When I call to report that I do have an outage, support says I do not have an outage and it's a problem with my equipment. Adding to the confusion, when I follow up when everything is working fine, support says I have an outage because there's problem with my equipment. For example, at this moment Xfinity's status says "We're having trouble finding a signal" and displays connectivity problems with both my internet and TV. But there is no problem; I'm writing this while connected through Comcast.


I've had at least 48 hours of outages since the July that were never regestered by Comcast and no bill credits. Over the past two years, it's probably double that.


Maybe a hint: the site  (via ip2location and DB-IP, both updated on October 1, 2020) says my address is in a different state than it actually is. It correctly has Comcast Cable Communications LLC, but the estimated location is 100 miles away in the wrong state. I noticed that an address with the same text as my actual street address (same house number and street name) exists near that city, so I don't know if Comcast somewhere has my address assigned wrong or if this is just a red herring and the geolocation products making a wrong guess somewhere.


I'd like it if someone to look in to this (and no, resetting my modem does not help). At a minimum so that outages can properly be tracked in order to prioritize resources during restoration activities, and also to accurately assign credits if they are given. Thank you.


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1 y ago

Hi howard3001. Thanks for visiting and posting on our Forum. I can assist with reviewing your account and location provisioning in our systems. Please reach out to me via private message and include your full name and service address so I can assist you. 

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