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Fri, Oct 30, 2020 12:00 PM

Outage with NO ETA or additional info

How is it possible that after 28 hours of outage in many areas of Atlanta there is no ETA on when the problem will be fixed or at the very least information on the outage site saying why there isn't an ETA or any kind of detail at all beyond "the problem will be fixed ASAP".  I can understand that message being up there for a 1, 2, 4 or possibly even an 8 hour outage but for 28 hours.  As you know many people work from home now and go to school from home and it just isn't acceptable for us to tell our bosses and schools that we have zero internet for 28 hours and have absolutely no idea when it will be restored.  


We can all sympathize with problems that are hard to fix especially at this time but there is absolutely no excuse for providing zero information about what is going and setting expectations so that customers can make other arrangements if necessary.


I for one cannot wait for Verizon to offer 5G ultra wide band in Atlanta.  I will be one of their first customers.




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6 m ago

Absolutely agree with this 1000%! HOW can you give NO info? Do you know where your trucks are working? If something major is still down let us know. Our area went without power for 19 hours and there were trucks EVERYWHERE working to get things fixed. We have had power back in this area since 11pm on THURSDAY. It is now SUNDAY morning and we are still without internet. Most people aren’t unreasonable or impatient until you choose to treat them as if they don’t matter and you don’t tell them anything at all. Seems like you give everyone the same generic excrement message. Basically we are fixing it and we will let you know when it is fixed. That is UNACCEPTABLE for a company. Wonder how xfinity employees would like to hear “we are working on getting you paid and we will let you know once we pay you”? Probably wouldn’t fly with them I am guessing. We have kids trying to do school virtually and they cannot. My husband is trying to work from home and cannot. And guess what? He cannot work from the office either because no internet there either. This is UNACCEPTABLE.

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