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i talked to someone on saturday was so nice very helpful loved them they turn on the wifi ok wait for my computer to charge i this it good wifi is back  i am going to take care of thing on sunday morning but oh they shut of the wifi again i go to the xfinity site is say i need to pay my pass do balance of almost 500 hundred dollars i was have a fit i call to the department the guy is give me a hard time i said sir i don’t under stand what is going on i spoke to a male who was so sweet and your saying iam that no that no what going on are you for real so your saying that he was lying me and did not do any thing and yous lied if so i have to report you to the fcc on this problem i can’t understand ok have a nice day i said. you don’t care about me reporting xfinity for lying and fraud ok i ask is there a manger someone who will look at what happened on saturday this is not a joke omg he says i get you billing i said good do that transfer to bill guy say let me see what happening with the account i see you did not return the cables and that why the bill say that i told by the time i got of the phone with the other agent and technician support is six o’clock and i know i would not be able to get to the store on time but i do it today after the blessing of the bikes ok yes and your bill will be took care of are you  sure yes just when you return it call back and pay x amount of dollars ok i go to the store return cable box and remote talk to employee was so sweet her name was lisa in the monroeville pa store she say they took it of i was like what ya the cable box is off your account so now i scan it and then you will be all good to good so sweet any why i go to pay what i had left on my card i go to the site still say the same thing once again called spoke Again to a agent tell that iam lying once again i told omg look at the record message for the person i spoke to oh i have to n front of me and it does not say that. i was so shocked and frustrated i explained to her i have heart failure and i should not be get this frustrated i want to speak with someone from bill i don’t know who she transferred me to did not help me said the same thing and this time i so frustrated angry i ask if this billing and support hold on i felt it was the same woman acting like she a different department so i give my info explain what some other agent told me and i know they can hear or read the call because i agreed to be recorded i explained i did not have all the money on my card can i pay the half and have my wifi turned back  oh the other woman want to the last 4 digits to my card she did not tell me why she probably want to charge the card for the pass do balance don’t ask me can i have your name number address nothing so i told her that card does no long work ok thank mrs they can’t even pronounce my last name right but what ever so i am on the phone with agent that supposed to help me i explained my son who have a disability want something and it was not that much that why i am short for the payment i told the agent my balance and he was like you pay this amount i said i only got so much i have. to get my son food he said nothing so i see if i have all of it did not understand what i said at the time making upset but back to the last agent from bill and support apparently she said let me see i explained to i have x amount of dollars and i pay the rest by tomorrow if i can or can i get 2 days so i can’t money to put in my card she say nothing let me see what was said on today call i said ok she put me on the longes hold a recording came on said your wait will be 30 mins i thought ok i will not be that long it happened again your wait time is 60 mins the one more time a long wait time i hung up thinking they would call me back like the usual do no never got a call back my son crying thinking to keep his mind busy so he don’t think of the spams and pain the wifi will be turned back on watch a show try to play a game .BUT NO THE AGENT NEVER CALLED BACK TO HELP THE PROBLEM OR TO HELP FIX THE BILLING PROBABLY SHE LEFT ME ON HOLD NEVER EVEN TO SAY I STILL WORKING ON IT NOPE NOTHING GOT DONE IT IS UNREAL I CAN NOT EXPLAIN HOW ANGRY I GOT WHY I CANT UNDERSTAND THIS I CAN I WANT TO STAY WITH XFINTY I LIKE THERE SERVICE But the agent that is rude and are tell customer off and say there is nothing the can do omg i understand pay the bill but xfinity right now i am sure a lot of you customers are have a hard time with inflation and can’t afford a lot you’re company is the only thing that helps bring internet or tv of show that make them happy and for get some of there problems. but we as customers need help paying what we can and not worry that it will be cut off the next day the same night and agent not willing to help it not right 

                               sincerely celi 

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