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Fri, Oct 30, 2020 9:00 AM


I received a message that NSO will be going away on 1/1/21.  If you are trying to have less customers this is a good start to that end.  I will be looking at alternatives to Comcast since I think I am paying too much for too little anyway.  Thanks for the heads up that will give me plenty of time to look around.  I have FIOS in my neighborhood and my neighbors seem happy with that so that is one option.  Whomever made this decision is a total moron and has no idea about customer service.  I predict you will have many less customers by this time next year.  Please share this note with management not that I think they care.  I am a long time Comcast customer and you will probably see me go to FIOS.  You all have a great day.  


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