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Mon, Jan 11, 2021 1:00 PM


Not sure where else to go....

I am writing this email to whomever will take the time to read or better said, who will actually care.  After 3 separate calls, 7 difference xfinity associates and leaders and a little over 4 hours I have come to the conclusion that I as a person much less a customer do not matter to your company. 

Back in early December we called in to get assistance to add HBO Max to our account which by the way has 6 TV’s, internet and home security.  The 2 associates it took to do this helped us but then notified us that our package was coming to an end and that we should switch to a new package which was actually cheaper.  We appreciated this and then asked if it was the exact same and that we would have the exact same channels.  We were confirmed 3 or maybe even 4 times that it was the exact same.  (The call recording if you listen to it will confirm for you that we asked so many times it was borderline annoying).  We at that point were sent the text to confirm and we did so.

Fast forward and one morning I sit down at my desk, go to turn on BBC America and it states I need a subscription.  I continue to my next favorite channel the food network and it’s the same thing, then DIY and guess what the same thing. I then made the first call where an associate told me the package, we were moved to is not the same and we lost about 60 channels.  She tried but was not able to help us get back to what we had. That call was over 1 hour

Next up 2 days later I attempt to call again and see if someone can help me. This associate tells me that we can get back the channels we have but the package is now $60 more a month.  Now mind you we pay almost $250.00 a month as it is.  I asked for a supervisor and that gentlemen was giving me the same answer. I was shocked because he was not willing to listen to the what the company had advised me to do nor willing to make what was a blatant misinformation right by us.  I then asked for his supervisor and he at that point said there was no one else I could speak to and he was the highest.  After almost 1:30 minutes at this point I gave up.  I was deeply angered by the disregard and dishonesty I had been faced with.

At this point we still have a package that we did not want, one that was not what they said and to say we are dissatisfied clients would be an understatement.

Where to go from here I don’t know, do we leave you as a customer, do we just deal with poor customer service or do we notify you as an organization that this is how your clients are being treated?  I guess that is the question I would ask you, how should we proceed?

Sincerely a once happy customer now just a disappointed one. 

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Hello, @Martha71479, I'm very sorry about the poor experience after making changes to your account. We do care and we want to double-check your subscription to make sure we are assisting you accurately. Just send a private message with your name and service address when you have a chance. If you have never sent us a PM this link can be useful. The "Send Private Message" section gives you a step by step review. 

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