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Fri, Oct 30, 2020 11:00 AM

not a question; but very frustrated

We all can agree COVID has changed our lives drastically.  This time last year, I was working in an office downtown Seattle and my kids were in a school classroom interacting with their peers and teachers.  Now we live in a world that all members in my household are having to work under one roof and we all greatly depend on our internet service.  With the type of work I do as well as kids connecting to virtual class rooms, fast speed and dependability are needed.  Xfinity has the best internet speed but as for dependability Xfinity has FAILED.  Within the last week we have experienced four outages for whatever reason.  System upgrades, local line maintenance, and other excuses.   I’m sending this email because I need Xfinity to know this greatly impacts our work life and sets us back quite a bit.  If the outages occurred only this week I could be more understanding, or if this was the beginning of the COVID pandemic and an increase of users impacted the system, I also feel that would be understandable.   But we are seven months into the pandemic and we are still experiencing frequent disruptions in the most inopportune times between 7am and 5pm weekdays with no warning that the outage will occur.    Come on Xfinity!!!!  I need you to step up your game on reliability!  You advertise you are the best, now live up to your promise.  A compensation of the outage time is not enough to cover the frustration and embarrassment of not being able to work efficiently.  Several of my neighbors have moved to Century Link Service.  I’ve used Century Link many years back, and I can assure you their internet service is a lot slower and not nearly as good.  But the fact that they can stay on line without disruptions and outages has become more attractive than the unreliable high-speed service Xfinity has recently produced.  Not to mention the cost is considerably high to receive frequent interruptions.  I encourage Xfinity to do whatever they need to keep services going with minimum to no interruptions and give your customers heads-up when maintenance will occur rather than “Surprise! You have no service!”   That’s just not good customer service!!!!





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