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Mon, Nov 16, 2020 10:00 AM

Non-Existent/Horrible tech support

I have been having issues for weeks with my internet. I have made 3 calls to "tech support" and they just read from the script. Same thing each time with no results.


I asked to speak to an engineer and they are not able to get one for me. I asked where to send my wireshark traces to prove the issue and there is nowhere to send them to. I asked to speak to an engineer and was told they don't have access to the engineers. Last time I called in I was told an engineer was calling me back in 45 minutes and ***surprise*** nobody called me back.


I clearly see that be-3411-pe11.111 is showing 50.7% packet loss. Comcast wants to send a tech to my house to fix it, even though the issue is in NY.


I was thanked on my comcast call for 22 years as a customer. Perhaps they should have worked to keep me as a customer, instead of thanking me but not fixing my issues, not providing technical support, and having poor customer service in general.


Just scheduled a new service provider installation for next week.




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6 m ago

Forgot to mention the phone calls for equipment that I've already returned that they threaten to bill me for.  Spoke to someone and never heard from anyone again. That seems to be the Comcast motto "no follow through or help coming, and we won't call you back, even when we tell you we will". 

Doesn't seem like a great business plan. 



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