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Tue, Sep 21, 2021 12:48 AM

No internet

My name is emily [Edited: "Personal Information"], address [Edited: "Personal Information"] My internet has been down since 2pm, it’s now 7:30. Tried turning it off for a few minutes and plugging it back in several times. My modem and router are netgear. They are plugged into power and the coaxial outlet. Router has all green lights, modem has green - power, orange - downstream, blinking orange - upstream, orange - Ethernet, and no light for internet. I was chatting with someone on the app that started at 6:15 (now 7:30) but they just stopped responding after they asked if my stuff was plugged in… I’m annoyed at this point. I was not disrespectful at all to the rep. I just want to know what else to do?

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Hi, @user_136e56 and thank you for posting here on our Xfinity Community Forum page. I am very sorry for the poor experience you have had. We all rely on our internet every day so, I can imagine the frustration this has caused. Are your services working now? For future reference, you can always troubleshoot your connection directly from our My Account app for your convenience as well. I find it very easy and usually is a quick fix. 

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