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Mon, Nov 2, 2020 7:00 AM

No internet 5 days after a 4 hr storm.

You should stop the billing cycle for the areas that, to this day, STILL have no internet service. What Comcast fails to realize is that internet is not some luxury service from which to stream YouTube videos or Netflix movies for children and teenagers. For quite a large ( and growing ) number of adults who work from home, even more so because of COVID-19, it is our means of income. Not only is this DAY 5 of the outage, they have gone from inaccurate rough estimates to absolutely unhelpful "as soon as possible" etas and shutting down live chat with agents on weekends so as not to inconvenience them with our rantings of poor service.
Comcast has no sense of urgency to restore their service because their complete monopolization of the area means providing transparency, reducing downtime and generally improving the quality of their product are seen as a waste of unnecessary resources. Instead they use that money to block Google fiber from entering their market and providing real competition to their money-raking game.


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